The musicians on Garage Concréte may comprise the world’s oldest garage band. Playing on and off since 1979 (?) Ned Judy (keyboards), Larry Melton (bass) and Mark Merella (percussion) bring a level of telepathy to their improvisations. This disc focuses on the more abstract of their collaborations with experiments in electronics, soundscapes, looping and free-jazz blowouts. Owing as much to Stockhausen as the wild abandon of a high school garage band Garage Concréte is heady without being pretentious. Special guest David Goodrich, another long time cohort, provides eerie guitar work on two tracks.


Garage Concréte

1The Process5:48
2Burnt Offering5:53
3Blackout In Berlin8:49
5The Veldt4:22
7Where's Mr. Weird?4:41
8G. Gnome4:23
9Ether Music2:37
Mark Merellapercussion, shortwave radio
Larry Meltonacoustic & electric bass
Ned Judydigital piano, synthesizers
David Goodrichguitar, e-bow, mandocaster